Dubai is one among the seven emirates that forms the United Arab Emirates(UAE). Being in the Arabian deserts, Dubai is commonly mistaken as a arid dry desert lands without any entertainment or tourist attractions. On a contrary, Dubai is very live,bustling with activities – almost round the clock, modern, ever growing and tourist friendly, houses the world’s tallest building and array of skyscrapers. Further adding to its list of surprises, there exists a “Miracle Garden” – a paradise on desert lands, full of flowers withstanding the harsh summer conditions. It is really breathtaking and every tourist should have in their agenda while visiting Dubai.

Dubai Miracle garden showcases a colorful display of wide variety of plants that are arranged in various themes full of blossoms. The floral patterns are arranged as exhibits with awesome shapes and structures to give a pleasant treat to the eyes. The latest addition to this garden is the butterfly park, home to different rare species of butterflies in a natural environment.